Master Chefs of the Renaissance – Part 2


Why is modern Italian cuisine arguably the most popular, sought-after, and imitated in the world? When did it originate and what role did the Popes in Rome and the Medici family in Florence play in making Italian cuisine a European “sensation”? Who were the “Master Chefs” responsible for making Italian cuisine a culinary experience beyond compare? And what insights can we gather on Italian eating habits from Leonardo da Vinci’s notes on food? Lastly, is there a connection between the eating habits of the Renaissance in Italy and modern French cuisine? This two-part workshop will answer these questions and provide an in-depth overview of the culinary developments that occurred in Italy during the Renaissance, including sharing some of the original recipes that have come down to us.

Part 2: This second workshop will explore what the popes in Rome and wealthy families of Renaissance Italy such as the Medici in Florence or the Sforza in Milan, put on their tables to serve and entertain their guests. Particularly, it will explore the role of Leonardo da Vinci in the “food industry” of Renaissance Italy and what he recorded in his notebooks about eating habits, diet, and cooking. The presentation will be in English.


Day & Time: Sunday 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (PST)
Date: April 30

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