Help Flood Stricken Emilia-Romagna

In 36 hours Emilia-Romagna was hit with 6 months of water. Emilia-Romagna and parts of Le Marche have been submerged in devastating floods over the past week. Highways are now rivers, fields of crops are lakes and many have been trapped in their homes. The areas around Faenza, Ravenna and Cesena have been hit the hardest, while Bologna and cities along the coast like Rimini and Riccione have also been affected. After a year of historic drought, the flooding is yet another example of extreme weather striking Italy. Such events are becoming increasingly common in a country that is also relatively under-equipped to reckon with the often tragic consequences. Fourteen people have lost their lives and more than 26,000 have been evacuated from their homes due to severe flooding.
❣️Join Fondazione Italia to help those affected.❣️
❣️If you are currently in Bologna or are planning on travelling there soon and would like to help with the clear-up in Emilia-Romagna call the Emilia-Romagna Regional Helpline 📞 800024662 from 8am to 8pm. For weather conditions on the ground.
❣️Donate directly to the Italian Red Cross, whose 300 or so volunteers have been working on the front line since the beginning of the emergency.
❣️Donate directly to Emilia-Romagna’s Protezione Civile association, which is working directly with the people and communities affected by the emergency. Donate by bank transfer to IBAN IT69G0200802435000104428964 and BIC/Swift UNCRITM1OM0 from abroad. 

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