Silvia Bottini

Silvia Bottini was born in Varese, Northern Italy. She became an actress because of her love for the Italian language, literature, and poetry. She has been working in theatre for over 15 years and she has won two national awards. She started teaching when she was a teenager and taught acting, public speaking, and makeup for theatre. With Fondazione Italia it has been love at first sight! She met Executive Director Hilary Stern in 2016 and had the pleasure to realize Fondazione’s shows for Benjamin Franklin Elementary and for CHAMPS High School of the Arts. With Fondazione she has been teaching several classes such as Acting, and Piccoli Amici, and she was one of the teachers at the Full-Immersion Summer Camp in 2022. She loves to create playful activities to make the learning process fun and has a pronunciation with no inflections which makes her an excellent reader!