B1 Citizenship Course

We can help you pass the B1 Citizenship CILS Exam! Since December 2018, an Italian language certification is needed demonstrating an intermediate level of Italian language proficiency for persons applying for Italian citizenship through marriage or residency. We offer  beginning, pre-intermediate, and intermediate level B1 Citizenship preparation courses to help you get ready for the CILS B1 Citizenship exam.

2023 CILS B1 Citizenship Exam Test Dates*

February 16
April 4
June 15
July 20
October 19
December 5

*Not all United States CILS Testing Centers offer the B1 Citizenship exam on all dates. Registration for exams usually open 90 days before the exam date. Spaces can sell-out quickly. You must register for the exam at least 40 days before the scheduled exam date.

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