Teen Italian Classes

Whether students are starting from zero or preparing for the AP® Italian Language and Culture exam, our teen Italian language classes can meet them at their Italian language proficiency level. We strive to keep busy teens focused and actively engaged by using a variety of Italian language delivery methods that are designed to build comprehension and fluency.

Summer Programs for Teens Open for Registration! FALL SESSION Coming On June 22!


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What Our Students Are Saying

“Maestra Antonella is fantastic at teaching. She shares fun videos and activities with us and makes the class a fun cooperative experience. She is very well organized and makes learning easy. I also like that she is nice.”
Chiara, 11 years old | Boise, ID
"My daughter has been studying Italian but her high school doesn’t offer AP Italian. I am so glad we found Fondazione Italia’s online AP® prep class! Valeria is a wonderful teacher and they even helped us find a school where my daughter could take the exam."
Phillip | Glendale, CA
"My two, very different kids, have attended Fondazione Italia summer camps, in-person classes, and virtual (live video) classes -- all wonderful in so many ways! The teachers are so positive and patient and really care about the kids and they make learning Italian fun"
Colette | Burbank, CA
"I think the best way to continue Italian language learning is by offering a variety of ways to use and be exposed to the language, and Fondazione Italia does just that!"
Proud Mom | Toluca Lake, CA
"The art class was amazing - my kids were so excited to learn new art techniques and to participate, they didn't seem to notice how much they were also learning about art history and expanding their Italian vocabulary!"
Happy Parent | Southern California
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