The “Caffè alla Menta” is a must try at Café Pedrocchi in the Heart of Padova

Café Pedrocchi located in the heart of the beautiful must-see city of Padova in Northern Italy opened it’s doors in 1831. The café is one of the most important historic and literary cafés in Italy. Since its inception, it was known as “il Caffè senza porte”, “The café without doors” because it was the only place in Padua that until 1916 was always open, ready to welcome the various patrons at any time of day or night.

When visiting the café, the “Caffè alla menta” is a must try! This delicious coffee is the result of the perfect combination between 100% Arabica espresso, fresh cream and mint topped with a dusting of cocoa. Attenzione! This coffee should not be stirred as it would ruin the balance of flavors.

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