AP® Italian Language and Culture 2020-2021 Free Online Course on edX Platform

We are happy to announce that a College Board approved online AP® Italian Language and Culture (2020-2021) course will open on August 18th, on the edX platform! You and your students can register now for free. All contents will be available on August 18. This course is designed for teachers and students with a variety of needs.

High school teachers, College or University instructors, and their students:
This online course may also be used by colleges and universities for any Italian course at the intermediate or high-intermediate levels.

In alternative, if you would like to have a private copy of the course (accessible only to your students) to personalize and customize for your class, we offer a license program. This license will allow you to bypass any textbooks and offer a free Italian program to your students (either through a face-to-face, “blended” or fully online class). Technical assistance is available. Write to Daniela Bartalesi-Graf (dbartale@wellesley.edu) to find out more.

Students in high schools where AP Italian is not taught:
To be part of an online live class and be best prepared for the AP® Italian exam, students may register for one of our Online Live Instruction Classes, conveniently offered in the evenings and/or Saturdays. These classes are taught in conjunction with our free AP® Italian Language and Culture (2020-2021) course on the edX platform.

1. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate from Wellesley College with a letter grade that they may present to their high school for registration on their transcript.

2. Students who just want to study on their own for the AP® Italian exam may register for free on edX to access course materials and work independently without our Online Live Instruction Classes.

NEW for the 2020-2021 edition of AP® Italian Language and Culture (2020-2021)

– A whole unit on COVID-19 in Italy:

– La mafia, Giovanni Falcone e COVID-19 : how Palermo remembered Giovanni Falcone during the lockdown (video interview)

– “L’infermiere Tommy dell’Ospedale di Varese” (article)

– “Chi può metta chi non può prenda” (article)

Other new contents:

– Amara Lakhous, Italian-Algerian writer (video interview)

– Sartoria Attolini, Neapolitan tailors who collaborated with Sorrentino at the film “La grande bellezza” (video interview)

– “Senza rossetto”, the experience of women who voted for the first time in 1946 (video interview)

– “Bandite”, the experience of women in the antifascist resistance (video interview)

– “Il profeta di Tolomeo”, Brunello Cucinelli describes his “impresa etica” (article)

Questions? Please contact us at apitalian@wellesley.edu or Daniela Bartalesi-Graf at dbartale@wellesley.edu.

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