Italian-speaking Broadcasting Community (CRI)

We are going to introduce you to the website of the Italian-speaking Broadcasting Community which has been created as a tool to enhance the Italian language. It was founded on April 3, 1985, as an institutional cooperation between the public broadcasting services – Rai, Rsi, Rtv Koper-Capodistria, Radio Vaticana and San Marino Rtv, because old and new mass media encourage the exchange of information and experiences coming from the respective cultural industries for all communities.

One of their objectives that you can find under the item “chi siamo” (about us) is: “Our ambition is to try to be, through media, a bridge between Italy and those who speak Italian abroad, with initiatives conceived by foreign broadcasters together with RAI. Our target is to try to reach not only Italian communities, but also people who love the Italian language and culture. In fact you can’t deny that nowadays millions of people identify more and more with the Italian way of life. This Italian feeling includes culture, fashion, movies and cuisine, which originated in Italy and then developed and became stronger globally. The Italian-speaking Broadcasting Community is proposed as a privileged channel for the spreading of the Italian language and is developed through a network of collaborations and joint programming between the different broadcasting organizations. The website and its FB account want to be a landmark for all people who speak and love Italian in the world.”

On this website you can find a selection of programs on Italian-speaking TV channels which broadcast topics related to the Italian language and culture and produce articles and video services.

Do you love Italian too? Visit this website and keep in touch.

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