Medieval Village of Rasiglia in Umbria

Rasiglia is a medieval mountain village 40 minutes by car from Assisi and 1 hour from Norcia. Walking through its narrow streets interspersed with small wooden bridges, you will be surprised by the abundant presence of water. Streams flowing between the little stone houses, intertwining streams, pools and small waterfalls scattered here and there. Water is the main element that makes Rasiglia one of the most characteristic villages in Umbria. This is why it has earned the title of: ‘the little Venice of Umbria’. Thanks to the waters, it was once an important center for the production of wool and for the dyeing plants. After the second world war, the factories were moved to the biggest towns in the surrounding. Nowadays the village counts just about 40 inhabitants.

Rasiglia is a stop on Fondazione Italia’s October 2023 Italian Immersion Todi Tour. Only two spots left!

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