Lorena Bignamini


Lorena moved to Los Angeles from Milan, Italy 20 years ago. Her passion for teaching started when she was a child and it is still what excites her every day.

When she was offered the position of Program Director at Fondazione Italia she jumped at the opportunity to experience firsthand how to plan, organize and coordinate Fondazione’s courses. She brings to the table her teacher’s perspective, her energetic personability, and her will to accommodate students’ and teachers’ needs alike.

She loves to find new opportunities for Fondazione Italia’s students not only to learn Italian in class, but she also loves to expose students to the various aspects of Italian Culture by organizing workshops that range from cooking an Italian dish to Italian opera, cinema, and poetry. If you have a question, concern, or request about Fondazione Italia’s courses, workshops, or Italian language, culture, and food in general, ask Lorena!