Stephanie Mazzarello

Stephanie brings her years of work as an art director, graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker to the Fondazione Italia board. Over the years she has worked with non-profits, government organizations and businesses through multimedia, brand, web and print work that highlights and celebrates what they bring to the world. Earlier in her career she worked in education, so she is especially excited about younger people learning the Italian language. Stephanie may not be Italian by blood, but has felt drawn to Italy and Italian culture after a trip in 2006. She fell in love with the history of Roma, the art of Firenze and the mystery of Sicilia. Her husband’s Italian cousins and friends swear she must be Italian and her deep love of the culture, people, language and food seem to point that way. She is currently learning the Italian language to pass her B1 as she aspires to get her dual citizenship, but for now she is bilingual in all Italian words relating to food. She loves making homemade gelato, drinking wine from southern Italy and eating anything from the Emilia Romagna region. And before every Azzurri game she makes sure to join in with the players and fans in singing  “Il Canto degli Italiani”.